WordPress Going Stellar

More websites are being built with WordPress now than ever before. In fact, this great content management system (CMS) is now being used by over 13% of the world’s 1,000,000 biggest websites (as at March 2011).

From my perspective, the big benefit that WordPress gives me is – time.

Any web designer will tell you that spending unproductive time in duplicating page layouts exactly so that the site design is identical on all pages is painful, especially when the client decides to make a last minute change that needs to be made on every page. It makes estimating the project time and fees very difficult and often means that shortcuts have to be taken if the project looks like going severely over budget.

To me, this is one of the major strengths of WordPress. We can come up with a theme design, begin constructing the site and if the client decides that the page width should be narrower, or the colour scheme is a little too bright or the sidebar column must be 20 pixels wider – it is no longer a problem. Make a few edits to the theme files and Voila! the changes appear on all site pages. The time this frees up can be used in the creative side and for me the ‘tweaking’ that I must do to satisfy myself that the pages look ‘right’. I can easily spend two hours editing an image in PhotoShop and positioning it so that it looks perfect on the page. I’m sure many designers will know exactly what I mean…

Of course, there are other benefits – the fantastic (and growing) variety of plugins and widgets available which can turn a mundane website into an interesting creation that enhances the site visitor’s experience. Being able to give the client the ability to write posts and manage content themselves to keep their site fresh and updated is another huge plus as is the ‘out of the box’ SEO capabilities of WordPress that makes it easier to achieve good search engine ranking.

The product is going from strength to strength and what started out as a blogging platform (and it is still one of the best) is now a full featured CMS system that makes many website designers lives much happier and more productive.