Shopping Cart example

Installing an online shopping facility into your website can be done at the beginning or added later, whatever suits you.

After the shopping system is set up, you can easily write product descriptions, upload photos and set pricing yourself. A password-protected administration area is provided for you to view and action orders placed etc.

Pricing for the online shopping system depends on the complexity and features you want to include of course. From simple systems to sell a limited range of products to a full featured system with online payment facilities and shipping modules.

Try it out by adding a copy to this simple shopping cart system – this is a test store so nothing is really for sale. Once you add the item you be taken to to the cart page and from there you can go to the check out page where customers fill in their details.

Notice that the system can be set so that once an item has been placed in the shopping cart, notification of this can also appear in the sidebar of any or all pages.

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