‘Expert’ web designers

Like most businesses that promote themselves heavily on the ‘net, we were doing an exercise to find out how we ranked in the search engine (well, Google – what else is there really?) stakes. We are getting there certainly, for some search results we are actually on the Google’s first results page – which for web designers is a real achievement I can tell you (there are thousands of design firms out there!).

I came across some businesses that used the word ‘expert’ in their descriptions and even their business titles.

I find that interesting – that people would be searching for the word ‘expert’ in relation to any marketing or design business, or really in any professional field at all. I was always told that those that describe themselves as experts are regarded by most as ‘a drip under pressure’ but that may be a little unkind. However, I believe that the mark of a true professional in any area of expertise is one who professes to always be learning.

In this business, the one thing that is constant is – change. Purporting to be an expert in web design may sound good and assist in the search engine rankings, but what potential customer who thinks seriously about whether to employ anyone would not be put off by the description?

Well, that’s my view anyway and one that I believe is shared my many – especially small business owners. We are so used to ‘smelling out the rats’ with all the suppliers or providers in everything from telecom services to business card companies – because it is important that we make the right decisions when making choices.

I hope that you will consider Small Business Websites Australia when you are comparing design businesses. While we have large experience to draw on, we are always learning newer, better ways to achieve quality results.

Experts? Nope.

Hard working, creative, intelligent people – yes, I like to think we are!