Mistakes not to make

Ok, so you think you’ll have a go at making your own website.
Seems like a great idea – you’ll learn a new skill and the cost will be next to nothing.
Just having a web presence is all you need so getting anything up is better than nothing, right?

Sorry, wrong on all counts apart from learning the new skill bit – which is great.
For a personal website that’s fine, but not a business one.

Taking each point in turn :

1. Cost.
How do you value your time? $50 an hour? $100? Starting from scratch and getting a site with half a dozen pages made plus editing photos and arranging a domain name and hosting could take you weeks, if not months of your time. Actual cost is likely to run into many times what a web designer would charge you for a much more professional result. And we haven’t even talked about getting your website ranked in Google!

2. Any website is better than none.
No it definitely isn’t. A poorly designed site can certainly put off potential customers. A non-promoted site and one not optimised for search engine rankings is a waste of time and energy. Site visitors will be practically zero and few will ever see the creation you worked so hard on.

Remember : your website is NOT meant to please YOU. It is there to promote your business in the best possible way.

Look at the two sites below. Would you bother going further in the first one?

Sure, an extreme example. But we have all visited poorly designed websites and been frustrated trying to find what we went there for. Even ‘professionally designed’ sites from some major corporations are not exempt from this. Have you tried to contact a real person using some of these websites?