Domain Names & Hosting Services

Website Address barEvery website needs a web address ( and a place to reside (a server or hosting account). We will provide both for your new website and at reasonable cost.

Firstly, let’s define some terms for you.

Web Address or Domain Name:

A domain name is what is entered in a web browser’s address bar to go to a specific website.

  • www : Many websites begin with ‘www’ – this prefix is short for world wide web. An increasing number of sites omit this altogether (like this one).
  • yourbusiness : The second part of the domain identifies the business or organisation. You can choose this part to suit your business or organisation.
  • : The ‘top-level’ part of the domain name. The and domains are often used for Australian based entities, but you are free to register a .com or .net one if it is available.

In Australia, accredited registrars provide the registration services to do this for you. The fees are charged by the registrar to maintain your ownership of the domain name.

Hosting ServersNext, an explanation of hosting.
Tip: for an even simpler explanation – click the ‘explained in Plain English’ on the main menu above.

Server or Hosting Account:
Your website is made up of files and databases and these need to be stored on a server so that they can be accessed by the public. There are varying types and costs of hosting accounts. Here’s the types from lowest to highest cost:

  • Off Shore Shared Hosting – this is often provided by ‘cut-price’ companies that offer very cheap hosting accounts. There are major drawbacks with this type, slowness of page loading is usually the worst. The website files are usually stored on U.S servers and have to be transferred firstly from there before making their way to your Australian visitor’s web browser. The other major drawback is getting support in a reasonable time from an overseas hosting company if your site ‘goes down’.
  • Australian Shared Hosting – this type is more commonly used and provided you are with a quality hosting company this is usually the best for the majority of small business websites. I use a reputable Sydney-based hosting wholesaler who I have been with for over 7 years and their page delivery speeds and support are second to none.
  • Off shore or Australian Dedicated Hosting – this is used by larger companies and enterprises that have to serve thousands or millions of visitors every day. This is much more costly than shared hosting and is seldom necessary for small business websites unless they are getting thousands of visitors daily.

Explanation of the technical jargon – hosting plans always provide two figures – the space allocated and the monthly bandwidth (or traffic to the website) that the account allocates. For example, our basic hosting plan offers 100Mb of space for your site plus email accounts and 3000Mb (or 3Gb) of bandwidth. This is usually ample for the average small business site but as the site grows in popularity you may need to be changed to a higher space and bandwidth plan.