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Be wary of hosting websites with phone companies

We sometimes get inquiries from small business people who have been talked into registering a domain name and obtaining web site hosting through their phone provider. Without naming names, you probably have a good idea which one I’m talking about here.

Now, providing an additional service to their customers is fine, but unless you have money to throw away it always pays to compare ‘apples with apples’.

Firstly, domain name registration is handled by accredited domain registry agencies – a fee, which usually covers 2 years, is paid to the agency and that means you are the registered owner of the domain name. Period. No additional domain maintenance fees are required (there is nothing to maintain afterall!) and charging an additional fee for this is hard to justify. Continue reading

Get your small business website right first time

If you are in the market for a ‘cheap’ web site you will find hundreds, if not thousands of ‘designers’ out there. Anyone who has done a course or experimented with web design software and thinks they are an expert can set themselves up in business as a designer.

But, anyone who is in business knows that just having talent in a particular field doesn’t guarantee success in a business venture. You probably have staff working for you that are ten times better than you are in the actual production or service that your business is about – but I bet you wouldn’t consider that they could actually run the business!

In order for us to have a successful business relationship, we need to be able to discuss your web site project from the point of view of your business, not the technology that makes it work. Our role is not just to deliver a web site for you, it is also to ensure it promotes your products and services as well as any advertising or promotional tool can.

Some of the pitfalls in using the cheapest solution you can find are: Continue reading

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