A ‘Plain English’ explanation of website hosting

Keep it Simple!

Sometimes it can be hard to grasp some of the technical aspects of online services. Let’s try to explain in simple terms what hosting a website is all about.

Imagine you have a shop in an out of the way side street in a small Sydney suburb.
Very little traffic (apart from the locals) passes your shop every day – just the odd out-of-towner who takes the wrong turning. The only advertising on the main road which is many blocks away to divert travellers your way is an A4 sized poster stapled to a telephone pole. To make matters worse, the roads heading your way are unsealed and rough as a cow-cockies back paddock!

This is just what a website that is hosted on a cheap off-shore hosting account can be. Page loading times are so slow that potential customers give up and go back to the Google search results (if they managed to find you in there in the first place) and try another website. The US-based IP address of your website confuses search engines because they assume that the site is a US company so search results can be unpredictable.

Now imagine another scenario. Your shop is located in a large city shopping mall.
Thousands of potential customers pass your door every day. Getting to the mall is a breeze as it is located on a main road and parking is a breeze. Sure, the rent is higher but the extra people you get ‘through the doors’ more than makes up for that.

This equates very well to a website hosted on a good Australian shared hosted server account. Pages load snappily and potential customers can find you much more easily in a search as your site IP address is Australian and there is no confusion.

Clearer now? We hope so!